02 April 2021

The Mountain, The River, The People


The beauty of the the Columbia shore near Kelley Point is that you get a really great angle on Wy'east; the drawback is that in the glooming of the late afternoon, you don't really see it clearly. A very long time ago from this vantage, the Brown Eyed Girl made a really pretty little pastel of it and if we don't have I framed, I don't know why not; I am quite in love with it.

A view of it, though, puts a lot of things in tension; you can't have the mountain and the river without the industrial port in view. Still, it makes of it a statement, a sort of silent exegesis; this is our world and this is where the heavy moving parts are. Along rivers, in back corners of the geography where shipping and commerce occur. We are a mercantile world and logistics are the sinew you'll find along the bone of those rivers.

It serves us, but sometimes, we seem the junior of it. 

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