15 April 2021

Suspishus Fishus, SE Stark at 146th


There's a Franz Bread thrift store we regularly shop at at 146th and SE Stark, and there is a building immediately west of that across a parking lot where quite a few retired and on-the-way-to-the-wrecking-lot big trucks get stored, and the building on that lot is a yellow building that used to have a hotel and motel furniture clearance store. It has not been that store, being vacant now, for several years but the building still wears its signs and colors and occasionally the random street artist will leave their mark, but occasionally the inspired guerrilla wall-flare insurgent with some talent and wit will stop by ... and leave their suspishions on the wall, for all to see.

 If there's a way to angle for the attention of my camera, this isn't a bad one. 

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