20 April 2008

[art] Let's Check In On The Year Of Stan

1497. If you've missed any of Stan's comic gold thus far, go to his flickr album here, and get up to speed.

Various distractions have kept me from updating our expat Milwaukiean and now resident of some semi-pronouncable town near Carthage MO, and newlywed, Stan Kost. Let's address this now, shall we?

When we last checked in, Stan had fallen behind on the pace due to the centrigual forces that moving one's household will cause (it happens to everyone). He then got back on the clock with some typically skewed views of reality:

Stan's Toon

I'm looking forward to finding out what Willis was talking about. I still hold that it was me (and I would point out that a charity who saw this asked Stan for permission to use it in a mailing. Which is cool. And kind of scary, the more I think about it).

stan's toon

Nice to know the government's on the job here. "Oooh, pretty ... YOOOOW! Ow! My former limb!"

Now, pity poor Otto:

Stan's Toon

At least he's not going to get that blast of steam in his face (I hate that!)

Now, we embark on some skewed, snarky views of the cinema which would actually be quite at home on the Mercury's movie-listing page:

stan's cinema

stan's cinema

Now, a Quantum Leap that will introduce Sam Beckett to a whole new way of looking at cuisine. Sadly:

stan's toon

And now, another Movie Grab. Folks, this is proof that the Pirate thing is doing the all-night shark hop. I stand by my opinion!

Altho the chyxxor on the right is kinda hot, it's played, folks. Time to move on.

The next Movie Grab was obviously taken sometime during rumspringa:

Look out, folks, he's bearing down on you. Still time to get out of the way, tho.

Next, we have someone living the dream:

And, in what might be a personal moment, blind, blind ambition:

This is a new trend in movies; cinema verite powertoolé:

(it seems to be testy about displaying, so go by link to there).

This next one just leaves me speechless. What fresh hell this be?

And there's just something about a man or woman in uniform ... rrrrowr ...

Now, back to teh original funnay. Stan reminds us here that, no matter what, you never have a second chance to make a good first impression, and good manners go a long way ... parsecs, in this case:

Now, a Movie Grab, which leaves me with a kinda spooky feeling:

And a movie that should be sponsored by either Formula 409 or Fantastik:

And now, helll-oooooo Type 2 Diabetes:

And, ahh, yes, the Drexler era. Catch 22 here is you can have the coolest team captain ever but still lose tot he Bulls every time (I liked the old Blazers uni better anyhow):

Um, yeah ... :

By the look on his face, I'm sure he thinks of himself as feeling lucky, punk.

The only comment I have about this:

Is that I cannot unsee what I have seen. However, the one with the dark brown hair in the middle there kind of has it going on ... moving on ....

There's nothing else like the Grand Ole Opry, but I think it's lost something since Minnie Pearl passed on, if you want to know what I think.

And now, Agent Guller finds out that the truth is, indeed, out there. And out there:

Now that he knows, of course, the M's will have to kill him. Fear the M's.

Now, for another edition of our longtime favorite, People Unclear On the Concept:

Now, in this one, we find that there's no such thing as a completely dependable temp service. But we admire the duck for her get-up-and-gumption:

And now, back to the movies.

Now, if you're keeping kosher, you're not allowed to look at the next photo. Sorry, folks, that's the rules:

Now, the turning point where the Brothers Grimm refused to turn:

It's coincidences like that that prevent people from dying on plane crashes and stuff like that. Good on Hansel!

And, this last one I can actually relate to. There's a restroom down at The Salt Mines that works exactly this way, and if you're in the far stall, you have to stand up to get the light to turn on. And that's all we really ought to say about that, I think:

That's it, we're back up to date.

Overall I really enjoy the direction Stan's talent is taking. Creativity is like a muscle – if you don't use it, you get out of practice, but if you work it, it comes back. I'd go so far as to say that he's actually getting better than his Road Trip Comic days, and some of those were pretty funny.

Stan additionally tells us that he's got something big in the offing but won't tell us just yet. Apparently I had some hand in the inspiration. Heck, I just like his work. But if it turns out to be huge, then, hey, I knew him when. Yeah, that was me. If, on the other hand, general chaos pertains, not my fault, nuh-uhh, don't blame me...

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stan said...

Little confession about the Movie Grabs - they were actually inspired by the fake screen stills occasionally presented in the Merc's/Stranger's movie page. I just gave them a name, and went backwards to include older films.

Secret's out now.

stan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stan said...

Also, didja notice the subtle reference to the Vending Machine Repair School with Clueless Potluck Guy's choice of wardrobe colors?

Go Fighting Nickels!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

1) That explains why they seem to belong there. You riff on that style appropriately.

2) No, I didn't notice; that was a way subtle ref. But I'll be alert to it, seeing as that's how you roll, yo.

Go Fighting Nickels!