07 April 2008

[blogtopia] The ZehnKatzen Times: Disrespected Once Again.

1475. Time magazine has published the 25 must-read blogs (in their opinion) ... and once again, I was passed over.

Yeah! I know! That's just wrong!

They'll regret it when I'm famous.

On the other hand, there's their 5 most overrated blogs (they stopped at five? What admirable restraint!) with memorable snarks:

  1. Slashdot. Well, okay, "/." is no longer The New Black, but it's smarter than Time.

  2. Jim Cramer at RealMoney.com. Yah, boii ... how's that Bear Stearns stock workin' out for ya?

  3. Ars Technica. Time to Ars Technica: Too much technology, not enough art, and lose the fruity name. The ZehnKatzen Times (a/k/a the Susan Lucci of the PDX blog scene) to Time: Oooh, aren't we fancy? You guys probably think Donnie Hoyle is a real person, too.

  4. Nicholas Kristof On The Ground: Time: "Globe-trotting NY Times columnist regularly ventures into the eye of the storm only to find the "I" of the storm. Self references abound, it's all Kristof all the time even as wars rage and children starve around him.". ZKT: "Oooh, snap! ... Wait, actually we agree here. Kristof is a wanker. Good call."

  5. I Can Has Cheezburger. Time: "a site that lets users upload pictures of cats and affix funny captions to them written in a made-up language. Further evidence of the decline of Western civilization". Well, you know what, Time? ...

You guys better apologize to the bunny. Meanies!

How's that new media working out for y'all, Time?

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Judy said...

Somehow they missed me, too. What were they thinking and who makes these lists anyway?

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Oh, some person. I don't know!

But when we're famous, we'll get back at 'em, won't we? We'll have parties and they won't be invited!!!

Yeah. Cut off their liquor! That'll show 'em!