03 April 2008

[liff, work search] On the W+K Seeking Thing

1467. I should say that I am remiss here. Congratulations are in order. Not for me, but still. Actually waiting this long to comment on it (which would be only fair because I put it out there to begin with) is somewhat remiss of me.

Now, as many people have known for a while, the W+K Seeking campaign was over. The competition was fierce – a legion of hopefuls bellied up and only one in 40 were selected.  Those are high odds. I'm proud of myself that I tried.

The final notification was issued to me on a card gave me the news in haiku format (three lines, five-seven-five. As haiku affectionados know, real haiku is more than just putting together three lines of five, seven, and five ... but I'm digressing here.

It's hard to say the following without sounding a little whiny, but I'm human, right? Really, I was thinking it was going to be a yes. And being told no when one's hopes are high really never loses its sting. But for some reason, the haiku seemed a little too playful a way to say no.

There, I said it.

On top of it, the front of the card is a decal, two copies of a sticker reading "WIEDEN & KENNEDY GAVE ME THIS STICKER". And the sticker was frayed on the lower left corner. So it usually in my life that when I get the consolation prize, I get a damaged one.

For what it's worth, yeah, when they passed on me they passed on something special.

But the haiku did end with "not this time".

Missed the brass ring. But you can't give up, am I right?

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