11 April 2008

[pdx_media] Randi Rhodes is Back on the POJ

1482. Due back on KPOJ via NovaM on Monday the 14th.

Read all about it here (if you're a Loyal Listener, you already know).

Not Randi Rhodes Rotator Image from KPOJ

(h/t Casey)

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Dale said...

Perfect! Crisis averted. I almost wish it had been more of a hardship, that crisis. Almost.

The only trouble ... what if Air America "replaces" RR with someone else we'd really like to hear? What will KPOJ do? Broadcast both? Won't that be confusing?

Anyhoo. Thanks for the updates. I've been out of the loop on this.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

That could be a problem, yes. At first I was thinking they'd finally put Sam Seder on on the afternoons but knew if it happened that we'd never hear it ... I suspect Randi is that popular hereabouts.

As it happens, they're going to be running a round robin replacement for the next month or so, from people who are probably missable (Richard Belzer (love his acting and comedy tho)) to those who should be checked out (Phil Donahue).

Maybe the expect to extend a deal to one of the people who does the best in that slot, who knows.

And Sam Seder? Back to Sundays with ya! Sam doesn't get the respect he's earned and deserved. And on that deal, I wonder what life is like around AAR these days. There wasn't a single person over in that operation, judging solely by what I hear, who wasn't in some way a fan. Listening to Seder and Thom Hartmann I remember a scad of awkward moments as disappointed listeners.

I'd say that AAR has jumped the shark, but there's still much on the net that's good (Rachel Maddow, even without the comedic titan that is Kent Jones). But if this is a shark-jumping moment, then it's not the first and they're still around. It's an "all-night shark hop" over there.