15 April 2008

[design, print_design] The "Spring" Columbia Overlook Has Been Put To Bed

1489. Once more unto the breach my friends, give and take with the editor, feedback and corrections done, and the Sierra Club's Columbia Group quarterly, the Columbia Overlook, is in the can for this quarter. It's always a welcome adventure to do it.

The Oregon Chapter is also comprised of four local parts: The Columbia Group (Greater Portland, Northwestern Oregon), Juniper Group (Central Oregon), Many Rivers Group (Lane, Douglas, Coos Counties), Marys Peak Group (Linn and Benton Counties and adjacent areas) and Rogue Group (the southwestern corner of Oregon a/k/a The Great State Of Jefferson every Thursday). The Columbia Overlook is the news publication of the Columbia Group.

We've been through a few very interesting and exciting changes in the recent tenure. The new Editor, Jeff Fryer, is moving us in some very exciting directions. The publication, which was included as an insert to the always-excellent Oregon Conifer, is now published independently. We are now also publishing in color, which has brought a splash of real excitement and fresh air to the paper.

Photos excite as well, and they are never more engaging than when they are in color. We now have a panel on the back page, which folds to create a sort of what I call a "Minor Cover". A photo of Biscuit Fire salvage is on there, a rather beautiful one (credits to the photographer, Ivan Maluski).

This is still a volunteer position. I can't afford a membership but I can afford to give a little time to a cause I believe in. The Sierra Club is a noble organization whose mission, in the face of global climate change and the centrifugal pressures we humans put on our environment, is more relevant today than ever before.

They also offer outings and events that anyone can attend, even if you aren't (or don't want to be) a member.

It's all in the mission of the Sierra Club – To Preserve, enjoy, and protect.

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