30 April 2008

[net_life] So That's What It's Like To Be A Co-Conspirator

1525. I mentioned that I got a chance to get with a handful of very select people to give propers and feedback to MyDamnChannel.com (which is, as of now, the coolest site on the net, even moreso than PMerc's Blogtown (yea, I said it) and have myself counted as a co-con.

Here's the incriminating evidence on their blog, The Night Feed.

I am, to be sure. so cool you don't know I'm cool. Of course, the problem with that is the part where nobody knows I'm cool; c'est la guerre, mon cher. But they do.

And the Big Fat Brain guys who rool my world? Oh, not much; just the subject of an article at Time magazine. You know, no big whoop.

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