26 April 2008

[art] You'll Dance To Anything ...

1516. When we heard that there's an orchestral Organ work designed to last 639 years, we thought that our calendar was off by about 25 days.

But then we heard it was composed by John Cage (who is currently decomposing), so we thought, well, yeah, of course.

639 years is "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" (at 18.3 minutes) played 18,365,096.3 times, or "American Pie" (8.5 minutes) played 39,538,972 times.

More or less.

So, let's make sure we save the planet because, well, think of the children who won't hear the last note played in the year 2640. Because, yes, they really are performing it. The Wikipedia page (second hyperlink above) has samples of hours 1, three, six, and nine of the first part of the first session. Yeah, people actually attended this.

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