29 April 2008

[zk_news] Progressive Radio Host Sees PDX Clearly With Image From ZehnKatzen Design


Downtown Skyline photo joins others for rich scenic Stumptown tapestry

Portland, OR – The ZehnKatzen Times – 29 April 2008 – An agreement was reached today that grants The Russ Belville Show rights to use Samuel John Klein's downtown Portland skyline photo Portland Skyline From Marquam Bridge as an element in the design of his web page, http://radicalruss.com.

The photo, taken from the back seat of a car hurtling over Portland's Marquam Bridge, shows off one of the best views of downtown Portland, complete with Riverplace riverscape and a dramatic afternoon sky scattered with typically Oregon clouds but still having vast, beautiful areas of blue.

"Much of the civic beauty that is Portland can be seen in this photograph" states the photographer, Samuel John Klein, a Portland-based graphic designer, artist, and writer. "We keep hearing from acquaintances who see this view what a lovely city Portland is, and why it has the reputation it does. We, quite naturally, agree."

The photo can be seen if one surfs to the show's web page and looks on the left end of the rotating tag-line picture strip, just below the page header itself, where the image itself stands proudly aside other beautiful and famous images of Portland.

The Russ Belville Show is helmed by its namesake, who uses the nom de broadcast "Radical Russ", and broadcasts nationally via XM Satellite Radio channel 163 and locally to the Portland market from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Saturdays via Portland's Progressive Talk KPOJ AM 620, who has a fast, frequently funny, and always witty and lively view of progressive issues and the news of the day. It's also available via free podcast (you can also subrscribe to this via the iTunes store. We do.).

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