19 April 2008

[liff, tunes] More For The Muxtape

1494. Added into heavy rotation at http://zehnkatzen.muxtape.com:

  1. Coplas Revisited, The Kingston Trio. Oh, I know you think you've heard "lost-in-translation" goof songs. This one's predecessor was thier grandaddy, and this one made the rest of them necessary. The jokes are dated and corny (a burst of Spanish-ishness is translated as "Please do not muddy the water around us (Porque?) Our group got 25% less cavities with clean water!") but the comic energy lives on. 99 Dead Baboons was just a facile pretender.

  2. Jennifer Warnes, I Know A Heartache When I See One. The only things we like here on Station "country-fried" is chicken and tenderized steak. This little gem, from before Warnes was a chart-busting movie-soundtrack powerhouse has that sweet country beat but really kicks it in the chorus, when that harp-like guitar plucking got under my skin and stayed there.

  3. Al Stewart, On The Border. From the album that made his name, Year Of The Cat, comes this minor hit. It never got the play I thought it deserved. It comes on like a quiet but insistent storm and is the most "poppy" of Stewart's deep, dense, literature-like music, with a short, almost anthem-like chorus and touching on themes of history and time that permeate his music.

Give it your ear.

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