12 April 2008

[design_tools] Donnie Hoyle: Eulogy? (semi-NSFW)

1484.  Donnie Hoyle is gone ... or is he just "gone to a special place"? And just what–or where–is it?

 (PG-13 for raucous gamer-chat and almost using bad language) ...

Kind of touching the way Donnie's change has affected his friend ... kind of like ripples in a pond. Kind of Whitmanesque actually.

If you go to the You Suck At Photoshop series at MyDamnChannel.com, you'll find all the information you need. Although SB's "hack" is a Flash banner that doesn't actually download or connect you to anything, yet ... but a few of us have griped in the comments.

In related news, the Phebco website has seemed to have gone away.

UPDATE: The download link and script links at MyDamnChannel.com now work. (1034 13 Apr 08)

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