24 April 2008

[net_life] MyDamnChannel Reaches Out And Touches Me

1512. I've made a big sloppy unsecret of the fact that I am an enthusiastic consumer of content from MyDamnChannel.com, particularly the bit on the Big Fat Brain channel, which is the stupid-funniest thing I've seen on digital video in a long time.

Well, we have a date. A MDC operative got in touch with me via email today and invited me to what they're calling an inagural "Channel Co-con" meeting tomorrow at about noon. It's a get-together where we're all going to give our opinions of what we like, what works for us and thus-such on MDC.

Here's where it's getting interesting ... it's an online pizza party. MDC is located in New York, and with me square-in-the-middle of the creative class here in PDX, it's going to be hard to get a slice, particularly as I can't afford air-fare. So they're going to buy me a pizza too. Have one delivered to my address.

Seriously.  This is so insane it's unsane. And I got invited and you didn't, so, suck that.

BTW, the YSAP universe is getting extended with a new series, Sn4tchbuckl3r's Second Chance, also tomorrow on the Big Fat Brain Channel, so if you didn't get invited, don't cry. We'll get to see what happens to Donnie's friend, presumably (if I'm reading the ads correctly) in Peopleburg.

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