05 April 2008

[logo design] Turtle to Speed Racer: The Gradient of The Process

1469. One of the real cool things about developing a logo is the way the speed of development exhibits acceleration.

The first client meeting we took the measure of each other, found each other reasonably excellent, and started discussing. The first discussion was give-and-take finding out what was important and what I understood.

The agreement reached, we scheduled two weeks hence to review initial concepts. The first thumbnails are always the hardest. They become easier as they are done, and the speed of development changes in a sort of acceleration.

Two weeks go by, and sketches are laid out. I like this one from that one, that one is pretty cool, I like that element of that, and that one is overall pretty neat. So the designer repairs to his computer to continue. The next meeting in 1 week instead of two, because now we have solid direction. We get intimate with Illustrator.

One week passes, and tight roughs are laid out. That's working, and I really like that, and that has most of it. That's a strong one. The designer repairs to the studio once again, and the feedback time shortens even more. We have most of the pieces now. Put them together, and since we're in Illustrator, we copy about, scale and stretch, slide and push, and try out fonts.

Now, new versions issue forth and whisk to the client by means of email in mere hours in some cases.

Do you see here how we started out gently and got faster and faster until we go headlong, heady from the rush of trying things out and getting feedback. We started with exquisite tea, moved on to fine wine, and then on to hard spirits. Maybe the liquor metaphor is somewhat un-apropos, but it's the only thing that seems to imply. Because the increase of the rate of speed is intoxicating that way.

You will fear our velocity.

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Judy said...

I'll take mine neat, please.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...


Yep. You know you're a Certified Adult Person when you don't need mixer no more.

No Coke for my Rum? I'll just take the rum. Yes.