23 April 2008

[design tools] How Pixeloo Untooned Jessica Rabbit

1509. The so-far-uninomially-named Pixeloo has attracted attention with his handful of reality-tooniverse mashups, which forcibly make reality and make-believe do a really compelling dance that traipses right up to the edge of "Uh-Oh" feeling territory.

The results are both disturbing and compelling. You've Simpsonized yourself, yes? Well, Pixeloo has Realityized Homer Simpson (clickthru, but warning: you cannot unsee what you has seen).

His latest work, Jessica Rabbit, has really brought it in terms of smart Photoshoppery (compared to Pixeloo, Donnie Hoyle sucks at Photoshop). The artist, apparently sensitive to the hunger of fellow Photoshop users (such as myself) to see just how the 7734 he did it, made a time-compressed 10 minute video of the first stages of untooning her. She's as compelling as the rest of this work, but not as "Uh-Oh" feeling-inducing: Watch it:

There is poetic sense here. Somehow, knowing that mixing parts of Angelina Jolie and Celine Dion, two celebrities I've always been ambivalent about, to create the ultimate toon vamp and femme fatale, just makes such great gestalt sense. It's perfect.

The tools used are admirably basic: lasso selects the appropriate part, copy-and-paste, then the liquefy tool is used to distort the bits into their proper shape. The deal is closed by the admirable talent of the artist themselves.

Jessica Rabbit; she's not bad. She's just Photoshopped that way.

(Trivia point: The tool used here appears to be Photoshop CS2. CS3 is Da Bomb, but CS2 didn't quit working once CS3 came out ... )

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