10 April 2008

[liff] It's Been a Busy Day for The Goddess of Radio ...

1480. Out of one network:

Last week Air America suspended Randi Rhodes for abusive, obscene language at a recent public appearance in San Francisco which was sponsored by an Air America affiliate station.

Air America Media was informed last night by Ms. Rhodes that she has chosen to terminate her employment with the company.

We wish her well and thank her for past services to Air America. We will soon announce exciting new talent and programming that will accelerate Air America’s growth in the future.

Right back into another:

The Nova M Radio Network is thrilled to announce the addition of “The Randi Rhodes Show” to its nationally syndicated talent offerings beginning this Monday, April 14, 2008.

Randi Rhodes is the #1 rated progressive talk radio host in the nation.

Nova M CEO John Manzo says, “I just can’t stop smiling - Randi is simply the biggest and the best. Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy under one roof – talk about TALENT!”

Randi Rhodes adds, “With Manzo at helm of Nova M, I am truly going to work for the best of the best. He is radio elite…and I am too <laughs>. I’m home, I’m home, I’m home!”

“The Randi Rhodes Show” will air live Mon-Fri from 3-6pm Eastern on The Nova M Radio Network.

Talent like Randi can't stay down for long. And here, we can no longer just dismiss those who say that AAR (who had a ton of frisky, interesting programming back when they started) might be getting a bit moribund and corporate ... not to mention the AAR move leaving a lot of good hosts, like Seder and our own Thom Hartmann and Rachel Maddow in a rather awkward spot.

On hour two of Mike Malloy's program tonight, Randi herself called in and talked to Marc Maron (who was filling in for Mike, and is one of the extremely entertaining people given the bum's rush from AAR waaaay too fast), and if we understood Randi correctly, it was mostly a power play by AAR management to get some sort of advantage over her.

No matter. She's showing up on NovaM which had the extreme good judgement to pick up Malloy, and if AAR keeps shooting itself in the foot this way, NovaM will be more than an upstart any day now.

Of course, Portland may be Randi-less for a short time while the POJ clears time for her. I trust that they will make the right decision here and not leave us without Randi for too long.

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Casey Buck said...

She's coming back to KPOJ on Monday at 3 PM:


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Quite right, Casey.

I've rattled on about this over at OMI here.