21 April 2008

[pdx_politik] The Great 8 Debate: Adams Pwns Dozono

1503 That was the debate that was, neh? Today, at 8 PM, our two Portlandian Gladiators met in honorable combat it the debate arena. The nemesis: Randy Neves of KGW-TV, Anne Griffin of The Big O, and Brooks Burford of KEX 1190, the 50,000 watt blowtorch of the Great Northwest. Your goalie tonight, Tracy Barry.

Overall, it was refreshing. Apparently the local media didn't get the memo that political "debates" (which these days are as far from actual debates as can be) are supposed to be all about light fluffy issues that make the viewer feel like everyone's being manipulated. They asked some good questions!

Sadly, we aren't the liveblogging kind. We do remember, however the overall tone, and there were a couple of notable high points. Do be advised, we are working on memory here.

The debate started out with both candidates seeming awkward to us. They did not seem entirely comfortable in their skins. As they warmed up, though, so did Sam Adams, who rose to the occaision mostly and turned in the more polished performance.

Sho Dozono seemed ill-prepared. When asked why voters should trust them given thier individual histories where each has as part of the record some financial low points, Sam was fairly direct and to the point – admitting that it had to do with medical difficulties and not being insured, neatly tying the situation into issues that all of us either have, might, or can experience, or at least worry about. Dozono essentially said that mistakes were made, that's business, and what are you gonna do?

Sam hammered home his devotion to education and mentioned a few plans, and named himself as the "fund raiser in chief" in appealing to the business community for financial support for schools. Sho held that a solution to the problems of education would be more living-wage jobs. Both made good points, but Sam sold his better.

Where Sam really pwned Sho, though, was on a deal breaker for a lot of us Little Beiruters – PPB participation in the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Sam is against it, and Sho is probably more favorably inclined toward it. But the smackdown really came where Sho wondered aloud how Sam was able to divine his position on JTTF, handing Sam an amazing petard which he promptly hoisted by mentioned where Sho made is statement (the Portland Mercury) and the day and time he made it on (when Dozono made his candidate interview). That was one astounding gaffe.

On the PDC? Sho doesn't think government should be meddling in it, which gave Sam another pwnage opportunity, mentioning that reining in PDC is just what the voters of Portland actually wanted to have done.

Homeless and panhandlers in downtown? Sam mentioned the endeavors to extend services to the homeless. Sho's answer seemed to boil down to "You Kids Get Outta My Yard!".

It was a fascinating performance overall, with Dozono going to his go-to phrase – "standing on his record" often enough that me and The Wife™ wondered if we should have a bottle available to take shots.

The closing remarks: Dozono read from a prepared statement, Adams riffed confidently drawing on the things he mentioned, catholically encouraging the voters to research all candidates.

Now, we don't want anyone thinking that we come here to praise or bury either of the candidates. They are both clearly intelligent, principled men with the necessary ambition and gumption.

But between the two, Adams was the clear winner to us, ready to answer most questions with his positions and usually deftly tying them to the question. For Dozono it was never more obvious that this was his first real electoral campaign.

Advantage (whether you like it or not): Sam Adams.

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Lauren L. Dillard said...

The Oregonian is talking about Sho Dozono. Click on www.oregonlive.com/opinion/ to join the debate.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thank you. I believe I will.