29 April 2008

[pdx_politik, teh_funnay] Portland Political Season Trading Cards, Series 2008, #5

1521. #5: Beryl McNair.

Beryl McNair-front

Beryl Mc Nair-Back

A note on style: While the other cards have been adapted from pictures of vintage baseball cards, this one is intended to look more like a modern card. The readers experience may be different, but our experience is that womens professional sports, as a marketable commodity on a par with the men's pro leagues, is a relatively recent development (and still somewhat on the bubble ... the WNBA is still playing, though sadly not here in Portland (who else misses the Fire?)) Consequently we feel that a sports card for a woman player would be most believable with a more contemporary look. This particular adaptation is 100% original, and takes its cue from the high gloss quality production levels we typically find in the modern sports collectible card.

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