01 April 2008

[liff] Exploits Of The Day, So Far

 1460. YTMND.com ... out of business?

And here's b!X ... maybe not so furious now.

but that depilatory gel ... man, you will know pain.

Uncyclopedia's this year is a little uninspired tho'.


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Anonymous said...

Uncyclopedia's is uninspired? I beg to differ! I bet you were just salivating over those mixed nuts, only to be scared pantsless by that poisonous snake! I know I was.

You wouldn't know inspiration if it hit you in the head with a sledging-hammer!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Prithee, sirrah! I have indeed been hit on the head with a sledging-hammer, to wit, a Peter Gabriel Signature model! Some say this explains a great deal about me.

If that isn't inspriration I don't know What! It was! A head wound, maybe!

On the same subject, you know that joke where the guy hits himself in the head all day because it feels so good when he stops?

It don't! Not right away! Throbs like you wouldn't believe!