19 April 2008

[logo_design] Logo Goodness: Tap Project, Seven Virtues Coffee

1496. A couple of cool logos lately have caught my eye, and I couldn't help but share.

A co-worker in The Salt Mines brought in a beguiling paper coffee cup. It's nothing that wouldn't look out of place anywhere in Portland; but I'd never seen the logo before. It was playful and clean, modern and intriguing; a place I'd not heard of before called Seven Virtues. I found out about it from a blog I just stumbled on called Portland Coffeehouse Journal, a blog which is such a damned neat idea that I'm adding it to the blogroll anyway.

Anyway! The logo was very playful and energetic but the energy was contained constructively. The swirls around the outside make for a sort of "pinball" effect that returns the eye to the highly neat abstract representation of the lotus flower in the middle. Using Futura (that type looks like Futura, anyway) adds a clean modern dash to the whole thing. This is a great logo, and I enjoy it muchly.

We'll try to visit it soon, and get a better read on the place. They have a website here; just hours and location. Looks funky and cool, for what that's worth.

What trying to find out about Seven Virtues got me, though, was here: The website for the Tap Project:

I could say this is a cool logo, but that would be redundant. Blue, the color of fresh water and simple but effective graphics add up to create an accessible presence that communicates almost without words (though the words that are chosen are chosen rather well. The whole approach speaks volumes about appropriate use of color, type and semiotic communications.

If this doesn't win an award somewhere, I'd be shocked.

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