10 April 2008

[net_life} See? The 'Net DID Eat Your Email!

1479. (BoingBoing) It's a common problem, one that has even bit us a couple of times in the last week or so; sent emails just don't get to you.

But if you have a connection, you have a route, right? No, maybe not.

Some sharp pencils at the University of Washington have started the Hubble project, an effort to track these so-called "black holes". It has something to do with a concept they call "reachability" which, surprisingly enough, is not something that you can depend on.

Here's the main page of the project itself, which apparently updates black holes as they come and go, in real time.

So the next time an important email goes astray, just point your correspondent's browser at the Hubble projects page, and say "See? It really did get eaten!"

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