21 April 2008

[design] When Photoshop Goes Bad ... And I Mean Bad ...

1494. If you want to see real inept Photoshopping, then hie thee at once to PhotoshopDisasters.

What is PhotoshopDisasters? It's a gallery of Things Which Should Not Be. Amateur mistakes in professional art. A picture of an iPhone playing a song by Alicia Keys when the reflection says "Macy Gray". Game publishers using watermarked art nicked from a webpage somewhere, even when they already own the art. Lazy comping which results in body parts (such as lower jaws) disappearing and limbs fading out into hammerspace; pale creamy complected babes' heads on dark tanned bodies; African-American heads on WASPy-American bodies; bodies, arms, and other limbs that bend in ways not even dreamed of by Hieronymous Bosch.

Scary stuff.

It's amazing how many heads get Photoshopped onto bodies.

And you can see it all here. Remember, tho, you can't unsee what you have seen.

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