21 April 2008

[bloggage, art] State of the Art of the Blogs

1500. Here's a couple of really excellent digital art illustrations I've seen decorating blogs lately (and when you search as many blogs as I do, you'll see a lot of dog's breakfasts, trust me there):

Bio Girl has a really frisky header image that's a lot of fun and cool in a smart-girl way:


And Jane's Insane has a very high-contrast, romantic (almost cyber-victorian) approach ...


These are breaths-of-fresh-air in the great wasteland of visual tedium that is the blogging-o-sphere. More like this, please!

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jane said...

Wow, what a nice compliment! I actually picked this image because my other one was colorful & I was not feeling that at all anymore. I love this design too. Rachel at Weblog Design Studio made it for me. :)
She's a genius! Seriously.

Take care & thanks!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...


Well, it that case, my compliments to the chef. But you still deserve kudos for having good taste and style in choosing illustrations for your blog.

Endlessly in search of inspiration, I surf a ton of blogs. So many go with tried-and-true templating and then never alter or add to it or customize. Most of the time, the images are inappropriately chosen. Your sense of style got me to read your blog, which is of nothing that really interests me much (nothing personal there, you understand). So style does count for something, and yours is a good example of how an apt sense of style really kicks your game up to the next level.

I'd like to see more like you on the web. We need it.