02 April 2008

[design_life] Client Meetings Part 2: This Time, It's Not Client Meetings Part 1

1464. The little projects/gigs I'm shepherding have moved to new levels. One nears completion; the other has accepted a bid.

It's A Frog!This is pretty exciting actually. Seems every spring since I got my GD degree from PCC something interesting has presented itself to me, things that I would never have gotten to do if I hadn't taken classes there ... I've technical-edited two books, gotten to review mad cool software ... it's not a living, not yet, but I keep striving.

The client meeting I had yesterday was an amazing kick. When you're really communicating with someone and the message is getting across, and you're delivering what you promise to and they're liking it ... there's just no better feeling you can get than that.

In some ways, he said engimatically, I am a camera.

Also, I got to play with an iPod touch. Almost had a techgasm right there.

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