01 April 2008

[distractions] Hell's Kitchen Is Back. Just Accept It.

1461. This is defininitely not a foolie, so no need to check the date here ... but certainly there's something poetic about debuting it on this day, but our favorite celeb chef is back with THE reality television show SunDial Earth Station's crew will deign to watch ...

You bet. It's Hell's Kitchen, new for 2008. Chef Ramsay is getting set to go on a tear again and it's soooooo much fun to watch. New crew of donkeeeeeys, and a new lady sous chef, but it's the same Ramsay and the same Jean-Phillipe.

We understand that the prize this time around isn't some off-the-Strip casino Executive Chef position. This time, Chef Ramsay's opening a branch of his world-renowned Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood in beautiful LA.

Yawp ... workin' for The Man himself. This time, the relationship won't end at the end of the show.

Just like halfway through last time I won't be blogging, because I really blogged intensively then and nobody cared (yeah, I'm still kind of bitter about it. I wrote some crackling good stuff). I'll check in on the HK message boards at the show site, but that's about it ... maybe some sarcastic commentary here, but only maybe. This years HK experience is a private party for the crew here. Mind the velvet rope, neh?

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