09 October 2007

[ad_design] Never Too Late To Fix The Small Stuff

1000. Not long ago, loyal reader, you will remember I caught the following spelling gaffe in a local online ad:

The point of showing it off wasn't to mock the ad designer (which is another job we wish we could get) because this is an absurdly easy mistake to make and to miss; the word scaring (which was supposed to be scarring) was, while spelt correctly as the word "scaring" was incorrectly spelled for the context (while we'd hope a medical procedure wouldn't generate undue anxiety, that wasn't quite the actual selling point).

We caught it again today:

Spelling corrected, ad fixeded, message communicated properly. And the takeaway here is, when you make a small error like that, when you get a chance, just go back and fix it.

We are not arrogant enough to assume that this meagre blog's attention caused someone to go back and correct it, but we hope it's understood that we were not out to mock the ad designer. Good on them for fixing the error.

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