23 October 2007

[bloggage] If You Surfed Over Here From Oregon Media Insiders...

1043. ...welcome!

Actually, I'm remiss here. I've been getting some hits and surfers since I started visting and posting regularly over at O.M.I., and I appreciate the attention. Today's blog post that I made (which was promoted by the admins there–blessings upon ye) has brought over a bumper crop for me.

I try not to take my visitors for granted. I love design and I love logos, and TV graphics design has proven to be an unexpected boon as far as just interesting things to talk about.

So if you want to egg me on, leave a comment–if you want to tell me I'm full of fnord, go right ahead too. KVAL have been big sports about my poking fun at them, and in the end, there's a lot they could teach me about doing whatever it is they do.

I still plan on moving on to comment on local stations–I think I'm setting my sights on KPTV's look–but will get under way with that after a few days of palate-cleansing woolgathering, so bear with.

Once again, thanks for hitting my blog. You could have gone anywhere else; you came here. I am thankful and honored.

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