17 October 2007

[pdx] One More Reason To Be Smug About Living Round These Parts

1023. On top of using 100% wind-generated power, using strictly local suppliers, and re-introducing us to the subtle magic of daring to have seasonal dishes, our favorite fast-food chain is now composting. From the AP via KATU news:

The Northwest chain says it is rolling out a composting and recycling program to all of its 39 restaurants.

The company estimates that will keep 85 percent of its restaurant waste from the landfill and save the company $100,000 a year.

Clearly, Burgerville and The Holland understand thier market and the attitudes of the people who live around here. Else why would they still exist, a small chain in a universe of McDonaldses and Wendy'sese and Burger Kings?

Even if one thinks that it's merely canny marketing, one still can't deny, we think, going to a local company striving for sustainability and helping to fuel the regional economy, knowing that that burger you're eatin' is generating spondulix for local businesses makes one feel a little better about getting the old drive-thru food.

Being a repeat BV customer, I like to think that it's more than mere positioning. The company has always seemed to have had a highly esteemable heart...

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