31 October 2007

[or_politik] No On 49'ers Can't Hold Own In Debate

1074. As Brian Hines notes here. Spanked 'em and sent 'em home without breaking a sweat.

And while you're over at Hines Sight, read about why Measure 37 is bad policy and damaging to Oregon. If you're really hung up on property rights, ask yourself why people like OIA, who loudly herald "personal property rights" and the much abused "will of the voter", don't seem to give a damn when neighbors property values and livability gets killed when a big development goes in where one shouldn't go.

If they'd change their name to "Resenful Oregonians In Action To Get Ours And Keep It", that'd be closer to the truth–but it doesn't scan well.

I'm not crying for them. If they can't lie to you on the debate stage, they'll always have those risible commercials.

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