02 October 2007

[design] Adobe Photoshop: We Are Family

980. Photoshop isn't just Photoshop anymore. It's Photoshop CS3 Basic, Photoshop CS3 Extended, Photoshop Elements...It's now a family. And the family coat of arms can be seen on the right there.

As announced by my colleague at Designorat, Jeremy Schultz :

Photoshop Is Now One Big Happy “Family” — Designorati

A few weeks ago at Photoshop World, John Loiacono (Senior VP/Creative Business Products at Adobe) revealed the new “Photoshop family” of products, complete with logo, which encompasses the various Adobe products branded with “Photoshop”

Here's the page at Adobe with the full skinny.

Here, at PhotoshopNews, is a display of all the various permissible uses of the logo and the new tagline.

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