27 October 2007

[pdx] Sam Adams Poll Still Open...

1056. Just as a reminder, the ZKT's Zapadoo Instant Poll, Is Sam Adams a Politician or a Beer?, Is still open!

Regardless of the outcome of the Brew-HaHa (it's becoming a real anti-Boston non-tea party) we have the power, through the power of the poll, to determine consensus reality. We have the power to decide exactly what Sam Adams is, regardless of what the real reality is!

Is that cool or what?

So get on board the train and help us decide! It's over there on the right, at the top of the sidebar!

And, just for some more blunt wisdom on the subject, regarding the Sam Adams Beer non-apology apology, the Brookston Beer Bulletin has the right of it all. Boston Brewing, here's advice better than your legal eagles are giving you...

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