31 October 2007

[bloggage] 100 Posts For The Month of Blogtober

1075. Yeah, Blogtober is a craptactularly bad word (as is craptactular, actually), but never mind that. A meme is a meme.

This month even I'm surprised at the number of posts I've come up with and things to talk about (and photos to share and general blog fun to have). It's been a big month in quite a few other ways, blogwise, too. I think I've gotten more visitors in a single month than any other single month so far, and more participation too, not to mention at least a few new linkers who are so cool my teeth are hurting now.

Since I actually seem to have developed a readership, I find I'm really starting to focus on what moves me, and that seems to attract more readers. Design is fun. Maps are fun. Portland rocks (Seattle, you'll just have to get over yourself for not getting StreetViewed by Google first. C'est la guerre, mon cher).

As a celebration of Blogtober (sorry, I can't stop using that word. Shoot me, shoot me now), I'm sharing a new fave over at YouTube. Now, we all love talking cat videos. There's a whole scad of them. I have here what I think everyone will agree is the last Talking Cat Video anyone will ever need:

I agree. Giamatti really deserved that nomination. And I'm not drinking any more merlot.

Ah, well, on to NaBloPoMo then.

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