15 October 2007

[media] A Radio Ad Trend That Must Die Screaming

1017. No, I'm not taking about those ads Frankie Avalon is doing for dietary supplements, tho' they be horrid enough.

No, I'm talking about this trend that attemps a cinema verité approach by having some voice talent act as though they've got copy to read during a programming break. I've heard them lately for everything from "Medigap" plans to sketchy Intermets income schemes, complete with earnest tones and rustling papers.

I listen to a good deal of talk radio, and it's an insult to the intelligence to have voice talent I've never heard announce that "we'll get back to the music in a moment" then proceed to read about a product or service I'd have to be tripping to fall for anyway.

Regrettably, I've got no examples to link to, but if you listen to syndicated nationoal AM radio content, you'll hear it soon enough–most likely at :15 and :45.

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