02 October 2007

[tech] Speaking of Audacity

982. Speaking of Audacity, I just took a moment to check the page I linked to in the last missive and found that they've got some notable improvements in the 1.3.x development.

Current stable version is 1.2.6, and stable it is–works with no hassle or apparent flaw.

1.3.x has new support for importing audio from QuickTime files on OS X, also a new screen-capture utility. I've not tried it yet, but I may; ever the enduser, I stay away from betas unless sufficiently intriqued by them or made absolutely necessary.

As I said, if you want to play with sound and don't want to spend no money and get a quality product anyway, Audacity's your man.

Audacity. Here. Go. Download. Use.

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