24 October 2007

[pdx] A Portland Bicycling Moment

1048. In the wake of the two bicycle-automobile tragedies we've been confronted with, I was witness to a positive cosmic moment a day ago.

We were on SE Division Street pointed eastbound at SE 20th Avenue–one of the seven-points gateways to Ladd's Add, and a intersection of great possible travail.

When the light allowed cross traffic to proceed between SE Ladd Avenue and 20th, at least seven to ten bikes streamed southward out of the Addition and onto 20th.

Everyone, cars and bikes alike, shared the road with no problems, no bad attitudes, no incidents, no hurt feelings, basic traffic respect. It looked like a smooth machine working just the way it should.

While this does exactly zero to replace the two bicyclists' lives in the fabric of of the lives of the ones who knew them, it does provide hope and encouragement for the big picture, however.

I'm Sam, and I believe that bicycles have a place on Portland streets, I watch out for bicyclists when I drive–and I share the road.

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