16 October 2007

[design, logo_design] KVAL's New-Look News Logo

1022. Nicked from a still on the KVAL website, this market's first look at the new KVAL News logo:

Which is nearly identical to the news logo sported by KBCI, and all but identical to the ones now used by KIMA, KEPR, and KIDK.

Notably, they didn't call it Eyewitness News or Action News or even Triple-Later Death-by-Chocolate Action Eyewitness News. Just "News".

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Aaron said...

I can't tell you how much I dislike the new KVAL look (to say nothing of my dislike for the new KATU look)...

The CBS eye, and then KVAL 13 in some sort of Helveticish bold font? Wow. It's a wonder what a little creativity will do: All KGW did was hit the italics button and - voila! - they have their not-great-but-not-totally-forgettable logo.

Growing up in Eugene, I can totally relate to Northwest News. KVAL News? Not so much. For 25, 30 years (or more!) it was Northwest News. I'd argue that it was a strong brand for Eugene (and the satellites). To junk it in the name of mid-market consistency is just ridiculously shortsighted.

At least the logo's honest, though... Black-letter "NEWS" over a stark white background. All that's missing is a barcode: then you'd have your truly generic product.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Isn't it interesting how such a simple thing as a logo treatment can move people in various directions?

I, myself, like the new stuff that the 2-tier Flag stations and KATU is doing–I like the motion and sense of energy they impart. I like the new stylized "2" of the KATU treatment (to me it has a ton of character that the old "corporate" standardized look did not).

The subjectiveness of the logo impression is so personal, though, that I certainly won't say you're wrong about your opinion, and I respect it quite a lot. Alas, there it is, though, we got it, like it or not.

I do agree with your observation of the KGW logo–were pretty much on the same page there. It does its job but it doesn't move me much; it doesn't excite me, but the design is solid. The news graphics on the whole have this engaging "origami" approach, they come up at you or out toward you from a point then fold, have a lot of corners there, and there's interesting energy in the way the chyron animation establishes itself. "Northwest Newschannel 8", with all that typography, makes for a busy, busy logo though–and the treatment of the number "8" is only mildly interesting.

If memory serves, KGW seemed to go through a redesign every few years from the late 70's through the early '90s. I wrote off to KGW asking if they had any records of their logo evolution so I can comment on its history. No answer so far. I'll ask again.

Lastly (wordy today, aint I?) on a level, I share your puzzlement about the KVAL group getting the same sort of logo treatments that the Inland Empire got. One can only wonder the motivations behind that decision–efficiency? economics? both? I too remember the Northwest News brand (I grew up in Salem but had relatives all over the Albany area and you know that Albany is Eugene's Salem) and ashbinning the NN brand strikes me as about the same sort of decision that KOIN did when they retired the Newsroom 6 label. Sad to lose such a distinctive, trusted brand.

I don't think It will damage KVAL in a major way, but there will be a lot of people who pine for the old NN days as a sort of "golden age".