12 October 2007

[pdx_media] New look KATU News Open

1008. Now we come to what I've been wanting to see; the flagship news opening:

This is really energetic. It hits all the bases and has mad interest and flow (while I'm impressed with my own ability to make Quicktime movies out of stacks'o'screenshots, I really wish I could include sound. The punch is definitely lost in the translation).

A good opening such as this takes the viewer up and engages them. This, for me, does just that. Moreover, it exhibits the high production value and finished feel that the rest of the new graphics do.

The happiest thing about this, and the real stroke of genius, is the way the 2 has become the star again. Over the past several years, the number has kind of been relegated, and this is my impression; I've called the old-style KATU 2 "dowdy", and I stand by it, but by all the datedness it seemed proud to carry the standard out front for the station.

KATU is back to letting the 2 move up front in the new look, and the "Fisher Flag" treatment is a winner. I really feel they've nailed this one.

As far as graphic identities, KATU now has set the fashion. The distinctive "2" in the red flag stands on its own besides such nationally-recognized TV logos such as Los Angeles' KABC-7.

KATU's new identity is a winner with me, hands down.

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John said...

You seem just as interested in all this graphic goodness as I am. It's strange because no one else my age would even get CLOSE to as excited as I get when this kind of stuff happens. When I first saw the Katu Graphic and Audio packaging had been debuted, I went ballistic. I was so pumped! But that's really strange. Maybe I should go into graphic design or communications. I'm an OMIer, but I'm glad I found your blog. It's great!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks for the props and the commentary, John.

Maybe you should go into graphics. Seriously; if you get pumped about something like this then you maybe have a passion for it, and the passionate live is a lot more worth living

Please visit often. If you'd like me to link to your online presence–whatever that may be–just give the word.

Graphic design is the greatest toy in the world, to be sure, and yeah, I love it when this stuff happens–especially when the result just works so well.

John said...

What do you mean by linking to my online presence? I'm confused.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...


Web page. Blog. Whatever you may have. If you have not such a thing, then no worries.

John said...

You mean like OMI?

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

@ John:

No, I already link to OMI (who wouldn't?).

I mean if you have your own webpage or blog or something.

Apologies if I'm not speaking clearly here. My bad.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

You know what, John, I just now figured out which person at OMI you were.

Duh. B-P

Turned out I was having so much fun contributing I never clicked the "about" button.

Ah, well, if I can't act like a gormless fool on my own blog, where else can I?

Well, except everywhere of course.