10 October 2007

[pdx, liff] A Mount Hood Study

1002. I adore Mount Hood (or Wy'east, if you prefer). The following, taken just before we got started on the Sandy Blvd picture experiment:

You are looking east on NE Killingsworth Street, about at the old Columbia Blvd light (they are giving the Columbia Blvd/Killingsworth Street intersection a major rethink, it has to be seen to be believed). That big intersection you see in front of you there is the I-205 interchange.

This is a very evocative photo for me, and not just because of the nature/development tension. I remember, when I was but a neat thing, that Life magazine (or one of the big pictorials of the late 60s) had a few pictures of the PNW, and one of them was this telephoto smash-up of bright signs against Mount Rainier.

I love the Cascade volcanoes, and I love signs. I can picture it even now–I could stare at that photo for hours, and I did. And this one I got (at The Wife™'s prompting, credit where due) comes very close to that one. It's as though something has come full circle.

Tanjit, I want a better camera and a telephoto lens and I WANT THEM NOW NOW NOW!!!!

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