01 October 2007

[logo_design] KIDK-3's Eyewitness News Logo...It's Coming For You

975. Look out...here comes KIDK-TV's (CBS Channel 3 for greater Idaho Falls/Blackfoot/Pocatello Idaho) new Eyewitness News logo.

Holy yikes! "Watching Out For You"? With that angle and treatment, dropping out of an apocalyptically-purple mottled sky straight out of Damnation Alley , more like "We're coming for you!"

Duck! Wear a hard hat...something!

(Thanks to commenter Ben in this post about KATU's (another star in the Fisher constellation) logo)

Update: Ben also posed quite a good question–what did the KIDK news broadcast logo look like before? I rooted around on KIDK's website and Google images, and I think this is our answer:

A change of graphic identity, a change of show name, a change of attitude.

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Ben said...

Not sure if you have one of those programs that steals screen shots, but it'd be kind of nice to have a screen shot of the old "Newswatch 3" logo before it is eaten by the machine... you could still grab it from the story about Islam (although the slate at the front is the new logo).

Thanks for the mention. :-)

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

As it would happen, that's just where I got this one–got a screen shot from the front page of the KIDK website, on the front of that report about Islamic Idahoans (two words which just look amazingly interesting together)

Check back here in a little while...I think I was able to find the old look.

Ben said...

Not to harp on this forever, but it actually sounds and looks good at the open of KIMA/"Keeper" news - they upload the first 11 minutes of their 11 pm 'cast for the Web.


Ben said...

Oops, that was the wrong link, although perhaps good blog fare.

Here it is corrected, and using tiny URL to boot!


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks again, Ben.

You're right-the KIMA/KEPR graphics package comes off pretty good. When it's all in motion and backed with the music, it's pretty energetic and hook-y.

That first one...$800K for a Boise radio station? How could I refuse.....


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