23 October 2007

[or_politik] One Big Reason I'm Voting "Yes" on 49 and 50

1040. Because I absolutely dispise getting lied at and weaseled to, and I want the people who have done so to cry.

The No on 49 message gets punctured here.

The No on 50 tripe gets its proper airing here.

While you're at it, if you haven't voted yet, you'll also want to visit Land Use Watch, who has also clearly seen the fnords involved.

Elsewhere locally, I noted there has been some discomfort at the nature of the funding for the Yes on 49 campaign. I can definitely relate. I get as suspicious of moneyed-up interests as anyone else. But it seems to me that if winning an election doesn't make a stupid idea genius then too much money does not necessarily (heavy notation on the operative word there) taint a good idea.

Some people may have indeed realized what the sane people do–in Oregon, effective land use planning isn't just the law–it's also a damned good idea, and monster good for business.

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