26 October 2007

[pdx_transit] Mall Construction-Sound & Vision

1053. If you've been wondering what it looks like down on the Portland Mall but haven't had the chance to get downtown (like me, and like me) then you'll be happy to know that TriMet has more info for the masses:

  1. There is a newly-updated and navigation-rethought Portland Mall Construction Gallery with a ton of in-progress pictures of what's going on down there and what they're doing and how they're doing it. Very fascinating stuff.
  2. Three new episodes of TrIMet TV, thier rider's vodcast: Episode 2 is an overview of the construction project, very general-info; Episode 3 is a couple of minutes on the recent installation of the route crossings at Pioneer Courthouse Square; Episode 3 is an info about Transit Tracker.

The most exciting episode of TriMet TV so far is Episode 3–with video of the installation of the crossings and judiciously used voxpops and sound bites from some of the construction crew–give a view of the construction process that I really can't find anywhere else. I wish it could have been just a little bit longer.

The other two episodes are really just general informationals, done to a pretty high standard: Episode 2 is an overview as said, nothing you don't already know if you've been following this, and episode 3 is a good introduction to Transit Tracker–though I would have liked to see a little more "behind the scenes" with this one, and a voxpop would have been well used here.

Still, I think TriMet is doing a good job with TriMet TV–and the Mall construction gallery is dead fascinating.

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