07 October 2007

[pdx_media] WW to Merc: Neener Again; Merc to WW: Backatcha!

992. The rivalry amongst the scrappers at the Merc and the olde guarde at the new-look Willamette Week continues with the sly redirecting of the Merc's link from WW's home page; from its first redirection, a local porta-potty company (Honey Bucket), we find the last word has not be had; it now points to the Bratz website (we include the link in the interests of the record; we do not suggest you actually click it. If you are over 28, you will vomit. You have been warned).

Not to be outdone, Blogtown at the Merc has the link to WW actually pointing to a place that suggests that, despite the facelift, WW still is your father's alt weekly.

The only opinon we have here is that this is the best bout of Portland Wrestling since Frank Bonnema died. We'll be off making popcorn.

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