23 October 2007

[bloggage, liff] Ain't Too Proud To Beg

1044. This consideration has been in the works for a little while now, and not just because I suddenly got a bunch of hits from one particular place. I just now finally figured out how to do it.

I'll be honest with you all–the income well here is pretty dry right now, and, as I said elsewhere, pickings are kind of slim. There are things I want to do right now, but the budget has shrunk to not virtually nil, but literally nil.

What do I want?

Right now, I'm wanting at least a couple of specific things and I just don't have the money for them. They are, so far:

  1. Upgrading to QuickTime Pro, so I can play with both sound and vision. Cost for this: $29.99.
  2. A year of HOW magazine–my subscription's nearly up. Cost for this: $42.95 (I think-I'll check that out)
  3. A year's associate membership in AIGA. Cost for this: $210.00.

Down on the sidebar, just below my contact buttons, now exists a Donate via Paypal button.

Now, I'm not tax-deductible, of course. I'm not promising a big prize or anything (If I had that kind of spondulix, I wouldn't have the begging bowl out).

I do make this promise, though: anything donated through this blog will only be spent on the things in my want list, starting with the first three items above. They will be paid for in the order listed; the first thirty bucks will upgrade my QuickTime Pro, then on down the list.

I will also promise this: I will pay it forward. I don't doubt that many who may read this might be farily successful in whatever field they have succeeded in, but just needed a hand up here or there. If I can get that hand up, and it helps me, then in the future when I have gotten to the place I want to be, I will begin looking for someone who was in my place, way back when, and do it again.

At the least, I'm going to make a bit of a fool of myself; so it goes. You don't get places you want to go, sometimes, without daring something. This, for me, is pretty daring.

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