07 October 2007

[liff] Still Slow: Pace of Life In Snailem

993. I've gone on enough about where I grew up: Salem.

Now, I love Salem. But the pace of life is so gentle there I had to come down the road. Even this gentle soul needs a little bit of excitement.

Brian Hines points it out in a crystal moment why Salem teenagers become Portland adults.

You think Portland's parochial? Hah. You just don't know. You just don't know.

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Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said...

Having also grown up in Salem, I can so relate. At 18 I couldn't wait to head off to greener pastures - something that even both Eugene and Portland offered to a wide-eyed kid with bigger dreams.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

I can see we're on the same page there, Jeff.

Salem's...nice. Just that, nice. give me any one feature of Salem that's noteworthy and I can come up with at least one of Portland's that's exciting.

I adore this town...no matter how tough any given day is, it's made better by the fact that it is simply Portland.

As I tell acquaintances, my worst day in Portland is better than my best day most anywhere else.

Of course, we haven't tested the limits of that concept. Pray that we don't.