15 October 2007

[liff] Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin

1016. Orcinus reads and interprets the handrwiting on the wall.

There are implications here, we think, for more than your average twentysomething. Thritysomethings, Fortysomethings and beyond that we know are also feeling alienated from churches for the same reason. Some we know are feeling the same way about religion in general.

If the zeitgeist returns to doing the essential things–charity toward the poor and actual justice for all rather than justice only for "God's Party", which ever one one feels that would be, then they may come back.

But it's possible that ship may have sailed–that's our impression anyway.

Related Story (and more's the pity): Msgr. Stenico hastens to explain that he wasn't really gay, but just acting that way. Massive attack of jawcraig reported amongst the faithful.

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