24 October 2007

[pdx, liff] Two Pictures From Today

1046. Number one: a photo of Mount Hood, taken in late afternoon, from approximately SE 134th and Division:

Number two, SE Harrison St, in Milwaukie, just east of Mike's Drive In (at Hwy 224) and just west of the railroad crossing/SE 32nd Avenue light, as the sun was leaving us today:

Was trying to find out how to make my humble, overworked ViviCam 3705 give light streaks. Looks like I was able to get a pretty good effect.

NB: We highly recommend the buffalo burgers at Mike's. Buffalo is very very tasty, and very lean–leaner than lean beef, in fact. Satisfying but doesn't weigh you down. Sustaining. Wonder where we can get buffalo...or even beefalo...

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