18 October 2007

[design] Two Book Reviews I've Recently Posted

1027. Two recent book reviews I am proud to have done:

  1. Mastering InDesign CS3 by Pariah S. Burke. Read the review here. A comprehensive, yet appraochable text grounded in the author's proven talent for creating efficient workflows that free the creatives to do more creating and less futzing with the program. Published at QuarkVsInDesign.com.
  2. Meggs: Making Graphic Design History, just released by Wiley. Read the review here. A singular book about a singular individual, combining words from colleagues and family as well as glimpses into the life and times of the graphic designs, tribal historian. Beautiful, beautiful book. Published at Designorati.com.

By way of disclaimer, I will add that I was the technical editor on Mastering InDesign. By way of self-promotion, I will say I did a damn fine job. By way of crass begging, I'll also say that I'm available for more such work.

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