27 October 2007

[bloggage] Unexpected Link Surprise

1055. In my quest for linkage, I find that sometimes some I hope link to me never do, and sometimes I get a link out of the blue from someone I'd never heard of. New links, to those of us smaller blogs, are like money in the bank, a dash of cold water on a hot day, or better yet, a bracing shot of 10 Cane Rum neat in a world of cheap vodka.

So, today, when my Technorati authority went up two points, yes, I got excited and chased down where it came from. I found it was here, a heretofore unheard of–by me, but it looks like I'm one of the few–blog by Troy Worman called orbitnow!.

It seems to stand in the class of blogs that LIz Strauss' Successful Blog–blogs that are about interesting things and meta things. Sort of like a toy box where you find neat things no matter when you look (Liz: I haven't stopped by S.B. in the last several weeks but it's not you, it's me. I'll try to hit the next open mic night, promise!).

If I read it right, I also have the right to lay on this badge:

O!, indeed! Anyway, I'll be putting a back link–because that really is the kind of person I am. The unsolicited link is cool, and I'm quite grateful for it.

Thank you, Troy Worman.

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ME Strauss said...

I'm delighted that you've discovered Troy's Blog! Troy is a fabulous human being and I so think the world of him.

Thanks for the link and the love note. I was thinking of you this week, figuring you were probably very busy with life. :)

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Hey, Liz! Actually, It's more like Troy discovered me then I discovered Troy discovering me, but there you are.

That's true, life happens. Travails and such.

It's never a bad day, though, when I can get a shout out from you!