09 October 2007

[liff] Alek's Doing The Light Thing Again for Coeliac Disease

995. Alek Komarnitsky is at it again. This year, he's annexed Halloween.

Those who've head of him know him as the guy who puts up Christmas lights that you can play with over the Intermets at http://komar.org–turn 'em on, turn 'em off, inflate and deflate the lawn decor, that sort of thing.

He's been doing this about three or four years, I think, and this year he's upped the ante; now, there are Halloween decorations you–or anyone–gets to play with (follow the link to the page that has all the information about when it's available and linky code that you can embed in your own page, if you're that sort of person)

As the man said, you have to serve somebody, and Alek does so by giving you a link to donate to Coeliac desease research.

What Is Coeliac Disease?

Coeliac is a genetic, auto-immune disorder that affects the small intestine, where your body gets the life-giving goodness out of the sustenance one ingests. Specifically it is a reaction to gluten, that protien found in grains that makes things like bread possible.

The body's immune reaction to gluten is, at the very least, discomfort and, depending on the complications, can be lethal. Coeliac was given a public face locally a few years back with the death of local radio legend Jimmy Hollister, whose death was the result of complications from Coeliac.

Coeliac was typically diagnosed under such nomenclature as IBS (irritable bowel) and gluten intolerance, but this is less so as time goes on and awareness of Coeliac increases.

Alek's two lovely sons suffer from Coeliac, so he's invested. If you are moved to do so, you might want to help him out. To date, he's raised over $17,000 through his web spectacles for Coeliac research, so if you're looking for a worthy cause and this speaks to you...well, here you go.

The decorations, however, are free for the playing with.

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