11 October 2007

[pdx_media] The New Look of KATU

1005. It's a new day at KATU:

The above is the new "Fisher Flag" version of KATU's logo, ".COM" version.

Regrettably, I missed most of the 5PM report. But I did see enough to grab some screen caps off the KATU live feed.

The studio hasn't been remodeled (not yet, anyway), but there's a definite new attitude, splash, and energy with the new graphics. Here's the news set:

No change to the set, but the old logo has been duly replaced with the new.

Let's look at some lower thirds:

This one is in a tease for an upcoming story. Notice the bevelled curve form on the right forming a framing-element. That's part of the "2" glyph, sure enough. And another:

The lower thirds are now animated, coming into scene with a flash of light, the colors moving and changing. The type has had a rethink as well; it's, relatively speaking, not as "squashed", with a taller x-height and aspect ratio.

Now, for the "Vanna" Boxes. On the left, with Steve Dunn:

And on the right, with Katie Brown:

These are animated as well, two "stripes" of light chasing each other around a screened-back cylindrical form. The changed type is obvious here as well, as well as the liberal use of the new color palette–hot reds, warm purples. The sweeping curve seems to be a part of the "2" glyph from the new logo.

And now, here's Rod Hill with the weather:

As can be seen, the new lower 3rd doesn't mesh with the bug, the way it used to. It doesn't really conflict with it, either, because of the use of color.

Here's a "coming up" card:

And here is the closing, assembled as a slideshow from screencaptures. The new "2" makes a star turn here–literally; after heralding the arrival of the graphic with a flash of light, it turns to the side and forms part of the structure of the graphic itself.

Yes, But Will It Blend?

My viewing of the new KATU graphics was very short and sweet; I didn't get to see the opening (and nobody's posted video about that so far as I can see anywhere).

As far as I can see, though, this rebrand is working so far. This is all in motion and has heat and energy; by comparison, the old package was locked down and static.

Graphics like this can actually feel like channeled energy, and that's been achieved with the new animated chyrons. That, and they're fun to watch; it's interesting to watch things closely to see if you missed something the last time. The way the "2" emerges and then becomes part of the strutcture of the graphic is very fetching.

OMI promises to have an interesting discussion about this as well.

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Jeff the Great said...

I like it :)

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

I certainly can't disagree with you there, brevity being the soul of wit.

Ben said...

This is like one million times better than KOMO. Can we please just crown KATU the new king of Fisher broadcasting? LOL :) I do miss Rhonda Shelby, too.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Oh, Rhonda's still on the Noon report–at least she was today–and still kinda hot, if you ask me. ;-)

Ben said...

LOL I should have been a bit more clear. I relocated to Seattle (Portland never offered a job :( ) and so my Fisher station is KOMO, my Belo station "King Broadcasting" and my Tribune stations now "Q13" and "MyQ2" *laugh*

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Ah, well. Indeed.

Rhonda is still going strong doing the weather here and still kinda a babe.

Now, that's just my opinion.

Good luck there in Seattle, dude-nice place, but always too big for me. I'm a PDX kid, through and through, that's for sure. Though if some enterprising individual up there let me telecommute...I have DSL...


"Q13" and "MyQ2"? Sounds like TV watching on the Sound is kind of like a game of Battleship...

Ben said...

Not to mention "King" (5) and "KONG" (6/16).

I miss Portland's lack of hills citywide and size too.

Ben said...

It looks like Fisher's making some changes in smaller markets again. KBCI-TV is now "KBOI! TV" with pretty over-the-top graphics that seem to emphasize the history of the former call letters. (Boise)

In Eastern Idaho, they've reimaged KIDK again, but that won't last long as KIFI-TV "Local News" 8 has taken over KIDK's operations. Basically, Fisher keeps the license and nothing else.